About our Company

Over the past 45 years, the vast majority of hair care manufacturers have either gone out of business, merged with other companies or abandoned the beauty industry entirely. Our company, Fantasia Industries Corporation is not merely a survivor, but an innovator of products for the salon industry. Fantasia products are multicultural. Products like High Potgency IC, Color Glosser, Liquid Mousse, Frizz Buster, Tea Tree Naturals, and the popular Hair Polisher line can be found in salons across the United States as well as other countries all over the globe. Fantasia is busier than ever! It's a sure bet that in the new millennium, Fantasia's products will remain a favorite among professional stylists everywhere.

Fantasia uses only the finest ingredients in their shampoos. We recommend using a shampoo for your particular hair type. Fantasia manufacturers shampoos for everyone. From dry to oily hair and from thinning to thick, coarse hair. Shampoos add nourishment to both the hair and scalp, and leaving a brilliant shine with a healthy naturalness.

Conditioners and Treatments

How many reasons do you have to condition your hair? The build up caused from styling aids, from chemical treatments, dying, the environment and thermal appliances, are just to name a few. the right conditioning regiment can provide you with goals you wish to obtain in the look and feel of your hair. Fantasia has conditioners for all degrees of damage and for all hair types.

Leave-in Conditioners: This type of conditioner is applied after shampooing and left on your hair.

Rinse-out Conditioners: To get a good degree of shine and manageability, use this type of conditioner right after you shampoo. Thoroughly rinse this type of conditioner out before drying.

Deep Conditioning Treatments: Depending on our specific product recommended usage, you will leave this type of conditioner in your hair the prescribed time of ten to twenty minutes. For people on the go, try Fantasia's IC Reconstructor, a one minute, intensive hair and scalp treatment. These types of conditioners are great for very dry, excessively curly, relaxed or chemically altered hair. Penetrating deep into the hair shaft, they renew the moisture balance and leaves hair with a vibrant, healthy look and feel.

Hair Polishers (daily hair treatment)

Restores life to dull, dry, overstressed hair. Fills, seals, resurfaces and smoothes hair's cuticle, preventing hair breakage. Moisturizes and mends broken, split ends for a soft, silky finish. Fantasia's Hair Polisher products are all aloe enriched and contain "Sparkle Lites" for the "Greatest Shine on Earth".

Hair Mousses

Mousses are ideal for adding body to fine, thin hair. Mousses will sculpt, form, shape and hold hairstyles all day. The key is to use this type product sparingly. Apply a small amount to your hands and work through hair, using your fingertips to apply to the roots. This will help to lift strands up and away from your scalp, producing more volume and lift.

Styling Gels

Gels come in a variety of types, some of which are very thick and heavy. Some are even as thin as liquid. They give beautiful shape and shine to all hair types. With gels, you can create a wet look or you can add volume, texture, and fullness, with all day hold. Fantasia has a variety of styling gels, including a spray-on liquid gel.

Hair Sprays

The best way to hold a style is with hair sprays. Fantasia's Spritz hair sprays are available in three different strengths, from firm to mega hold. They are fast drying, with no flaking and no build up! Our hair sprays are humidity resistant with static and frizz control. They contain glossifiers, conditioners and a sunscreen to protect hair.

Strengthening Products

Strengthening products are absorbed by the most damaged areas of the hair shaft. They repair and strengthen the hair from the inside out. Fantasia's spray on Hair Strengthener provides protection from heat and appliance abuse. Enriched with aloe, keratin, vitamins and silk proteins, it's effectiveness increases with each treatment. Ideal for daily use.