6 Favorite Hairstyles with Fantasia

6 Favorite Hairstyles with Fantasia

Here at IC Fantasia, we love when people send us their newest hairstyles and trends featuring our products. Check out some of our favorite submissions sent from hair stylists, salon owners, and influencers who created these amazing and inspirational looks.

1.) Stunningly vibrant box braids.

Credit: momoshair

2.) Bridal updo: side-swept low bun.

Credit: _arthurhair_

3.) Half-braided pigtails.

Credit: momoshair

4.) Braided half-up/half-down pigtails with space buns.

Credit: momoshair

5.) Bohemian crochet faux locs.

Credit: momoshair

6.) Chunky twist-outs

Credit: mmmaxinejay

Are you a hair stylist? Or just a happy IC Fantasia product owner?

Share your looks with us by taggine @fantasiahaircare for a chance to be featured.

<3 Team Fantasia