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"Sleek Effects:

Nothing defines elegance quite like the the sleek look. Whether your hair is short or long, you can't go wrong with a look that is silkened to perfection. Not only does straight hair look great on just about everyone, but it also can be created and maintained easily. Follow these quick and easy steps to get this fabulous sleek effect!
1. After you shampoo, condition and blow-dry the hair, add a few tracks in for the length at the crown.
2. Continue adding pieces at the sides for a little more depth and fullness.
e sure to secure each track to prevent any slipping and loose-ness before styling.
3. Be sure to secure each track to prevent any slipping and loose-ness before styling.
4. Begin silkening the hair in small sections with a large flat iron. Once the hair is silkened completely, create the edfe asymmetrical effect seen on our model by cutting two to three inches of hair off of one side.

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Hair: Anji, Hair Karma Salon, Montclair, NJ.

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