Reviewer Spotlight: Major Curly hair Volume by Leximarcellaa

Major Curly Hair Volume! Review On Fantasia Haircare

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Products Mentioned in her Video:

Carrot Oil Moisturizer

CARROT ‣ Oil Moisturizer

A leave-in oil treatment that strengthens, conditions, and repairs fragile hair.

  • Promotes longer hair growth by preventing breakage
  • Adds vibrant shine
  • Alcohol free, non-drying formula


Fantasia Carrot Serum

CARROT ‣ Carrot Serum

This shine serum has a triple strength formula that allows fragile hair to grow longer and stronger.

  • Carrot root extract, vitamins A & E, and corn silk keeps hair from breakage
  • Improves shine and condition
  • Daily shine serum for fragile hair
  • Alcohol free, non-drying formula

CARROT ‣ Sheen Spray

Daily moisturizing, high shine spray which helps add strength and condition to fragile hair.

  • Helps promote longer, stronger hair growth
  • Adds shine to any style
  • Hydrates dry fragile hair
  • Alcohol free, non-drying formula


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