New Product Alert! Coconut Curl Booster

New Product Alert!

IC Fantasia presents the Coconut Curl Booster.

A flexible styling product made with pure coconut oil for maximum hydration and nourishment.  This product stops frizzy, unruly, shapeless curls, and lifeless coils.  Define, amplify, elongate, and control those curls, coils, and braid-outs while adding shine and natural conditioning.  It can also be used on dry hair to re-moisturize curls without the buildup, flakes, and that stiff dry feeling.

Coconut oil combines the penetrating power of pure coconut oil with the historic shine of our curl booster formula.  This enhancing ingredient has the ability to penetrate the corext of the hair shaft to help increase strength and flexibility.  By smoothing the cuticle layer of the hair, it helps reduce split ends while encouraging healthy hair growth.  It adds softness and manageability to the hair as well.

Enjoy your luscious locks.


<3 Team Fantasia