Reviewer Spotlight: Amber Janielle

Curls galore! 
Today we're sharing the fabulous Amber Janielle for demonstrating how to get her natural bouncy curls with our IC Fantasia Curly & Coily line.  This line is the newest of products created to enhance curls and promote healthy hair growth.  Watch her full routine below:

The special part about this line is that each product contains coconut oil plus another beneficial ingredient to treat and condition curly hair.   Here's a breakdown of each product featured:

Co-wash ‣   Coconut Oil  +  Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Leave-in Conditioner ‣   Coconut Oil  +  Shea Butter

Curl Activator Cream ‣   Coconut Oil  +  Hibiscus

 Curl Custard    Coconut Oil  +  Argan Oil

We're happy to hear that IC Fantasia has been on your hair journey throughout the years.  Thanks for sharing us with your subscribers!

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<3 Team Fantasia